Vitaliy Nebylytsya

Ambassadors of Culture at the UkraineIS International Forum

On March 18 UkraineIS International Forum featured several thematic demonstrations. As already reported, the road show of UkraineIS hi-tech projects included state-of-the-art virtual reality apps and 3d models, guest demonstration of drone flights and more. And at the end

UkraineIS International Forum: discussion with Western experts and demonstration of UkraineIS projects

On March 18, UkraineIS conducted the first International Forum of High Technologies and Opportunities for Ukraine at the House of Free People with participation of representatives of international organizations, the United States, Canada and EU countries. The Forum hosted a discussion with international experts, representatives of leading public organizations, business and the media was moderated

UkraineIS conducts the first Ukrainian championship of Lego models and RC cars

The final stage of the championship was held at the House of Free People and supported by the Vostok-SOS Charitable Foundation. The event was attended by representatives of Europe and North America and international organizations, UkraineIS leaders Sergiy Vakarin and Vitaliy Nebylytsya, Vostok-SOS Program Coordinator Yurii Shatkovskii, volunteers and media representatives,