Polio paralyses 17 children in Syria

Earlier this month, the agency reported two polio cases in the Mayadin area of Deir al-Zour province, much of which is controlled by so-called Islamic State, according to the BBC. Fourteen new cases have now been confirmed in the same area, while

Powdered Vaccines Could Potentially Save 100,000 Children Each Year

Even with the heightened hysteria surrounding vaccines, the medical tool is something of a modern day miracle. A few shots can prevent you from contracting particular diseases, diseases which have left many people dead in their wake. While vaccines themselves are innovative,

HIV vaccine therapy lets five people control virus without drugs

Five people with HIV are currently free of detectable virus – and daily drugs – thanks to a new vaccine-based therapy, Joinfo. com reports with reference to New Scientist. Although it is early days, one participant has been drug-free for seven months. Most

Bill Gates’s Fear-mongering Being Used to Push New Vaccines That Poison Children (And Help Achieve Depopulation Goals): Natural News

According to Natural News, Bill Gates’ latest project, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), an organization whose stated mission is to “stop future epidemics by developing new vaccines for a safer world,” was unveiled by Gates at the World Economic

Ukrainian Health Ministry preparing vaccines procurement contract for 2016 state budget funds

This was reported by Acting Health Minister of Ukraine Ulana Suprun at a briefing in Kyiv on Wednesday, according to Interfax-Ukraine. "In 2016 we will procure vaccines through UNICEF and UNDP and prepare orders," she said. According to Suprun, all the vaccines that