Check your Powerball lottery tickets – one of them has won $421 million

A lottery ticket sold in Tennessee had the winning numbers for a $421 million Powerball jackpot, one of the biggest on record, officials said after Saturday's draw, according to Reuters. The jackpot has reached $420.9 million on Saturday due to a spate of

Thousands protest against Trump victory across the USA

Protests were underway in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington, D.C., Portland, Ore., St. Paul, Minn. and several other cities. An estimated 2,000 protesters shouted angrily in downtown Seattle, expressing their frustration at the Trump victory over Democrat and former

Five people killed in mall shooting in Washington state

A gunman fire at a Macy's store in the mall north of Seattle, killing four females and critically injuring a man, who later died. Officials have not disclosed additional details about the victims, including their ages, USA Today portal reports. The incident caused a

Ukraine expects to receive $1 bln in U.S. loan guarantees by end of September

"We think, the end of the month," , a source in the government told UNIAN. The receipt of funds has become possible following the positive decision of the International Monetary Fund to resume lending to Ukraine, and

US B-1 bombers fly over South Korea in show of force

North Korea claimed Friday's test showed it had a nuclear warhead that could be mounted on ballistic missiles, a possibility that increases fears for US allies in the region and also poses a threat to US bases in South Korea, Japan and

Ukrainian FM: Poroshenko and Obama to meet at UN General Assembly meeting

"I believe, a brief meeting will certainly take place," Klimkin said on TV, according to UNIAN. The foreign minister recalled that Obama had earlier devoted special attention to Ukrainian issue at the G20 summit in China. According to Klimkin, Poroshenko will address

U.S.-Russian Syria peace deal raises rebel doubts as fighting rages

The agreement reached by the powers backing opposing sides in the conflict promised a nationwide truce effective from sundown on Monday, improved humanitarian aid access and joint military targeting of banned Islamist groups, Reuters reports. But only hours after it was announced,

U.S. concerned about surprise check of combat readiness in Russian Armed Forces

The U.S. Department of Defense has seen reports about the beginning of surprise drills by the Russian military; it hopes that Russia will meet all obligations and keep all promises in regard to arms control and confidence building agreements and thereby will

US Presidential election: Trump campaign chairman Manafort quits

Donald Trump confirmed Manafort's departure in a statement, BBC reports. He first took control of Trump's campaign after former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was fired in June. The 67-year-old veteran political strategist has come under fire for his ties to Russian interests

Obama: Trump’s warning on elections is ‘ridiculous’

The advertised purpose of President Barack Obama's pre-vacation news conference Thursday was to highlight gains in the war against ISIS in Iraq and Syria with the Pentagon as a backdrop, CNN reports. But for all his talk of terrorism, Russia and other