United Kingdom

Famous Big Ben Will Fall Silent Until 2021 For Repairs

The Big Ben’s famous chimes will sound for the final time at midday on Monday before being disconnected to allow the clock and surrounding tower to be restored, according to the BBC. The Great Bell has sounded on the hour for 157

Britain To Ban Sale Of All New Diesel and Petrol Cars From 2040

The ban on vehicles running on petrol and diesel is part of plans to tackle air pollution, accelerating the push towards electric cars. The UK government is expected to announce the decision on Wednesday, according to Metro. It should be recalled that

Britain’s secret UFO dossier released

A dossier of files kept secret by the UK government for almost 50 years has finally been released for the first time, according to Daily Mail. The cache of 15 files, which have been published by the National Archives, contain details of

London fire: 600 tower blocks thought to have similar cladding

Flames spread rapidly up the 24-storey residential Grenfell Tower last week, trapping people inside, in what was Britain's worst blaze since World War Two. Exterior cladding added during a refurbishment may have played a part, residents have said, according to

UK Queen’s speech: Brexit bills dominate government agenda

Queen Elizabeth II has delivered the speech Wednesday before the parliament’s new session. Of 27 bills, eight relate to Brexit and its impact on immigration, trade and sectors such as fisheries and farming, according to the BBC. Prime Minister Theresa May urged

Queen’s Speech delayed as parties continue talks

The set-piece event had been due to take place on Monday 19 June. The Conservatives are negotiating with the Democratic Unionist Party to get support for their minority government after losing their Commons majority in last week's general election, according to

Larry the cat holds the fort outside Number 10 as country is plunged into chaos

Larry the cat has been spotted holding the fort, sitting proudly outside Downing Street. As the media waits for Theresa May to give a statement following the shock election result, Larry has sat in front of them as if he wants

Theresa May to ask the Queen if Tories can form a government despite hung parliament

May is set to visit Buckingham Palace at 12.30pm to seek permission, a Downing Street spokesman has confirmed, according to Metro. With no clear winner emerging from the election, a humiliated May has signalled she will not be resigning. It is believed

UK election deals May a crushing blow, blurring Brexit talks

With no clear winner emerging from Thursday's parliamentary election, a wounded May signaled she would fight on, despite losing her majority in the House of Commons. Her Labour rival Jeremy Corbyn said she should step down, according to Reuters. With 643 out

UK general election 2017: Voters to go to the polls

Polls open at 07:00 BST at more than 40,000 polling stations across the country, with counting starting once voting ends at 22:00 BST, according to the BBC. A total of 650 Westminster MPs will be elected, with about 46.9 million people registered