Ukraine-EU Association Agreement

Ukraine News Today May 30, 2017: Dutch Senate supports ratification of Ukraine-EU deal; Normandy Four working meeting starts in Berlin; Three Ukrainian soldiers wounded amid 50 attacks in last day

Dutch Senate supports ratification of Ukraine-EU deal The Senate of the Netherlands has supported the ratification of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union, according to UNIAN. The voting for the relevant legislative act took place in The Hague in the

Dutch parliament fails to revoke its ratification of Ukraine-EU Association Agreement

Two coalition parties and two independent MPs of the Dutch parliament voted against revoking the law on ratification of the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement – the government initiative put forward to a vote in Parliament by the Socialist Party of the Netherlands,

President of Ukraine commented on the preliminary results of referendum in the Netherlands on EU-Ukraine Association Agreement

The press service of the Presidential administration released the text of Ukrainian President’s comments: “I would like to remind that the true goal of the organizers of this referendum is not the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU. This is an

Dutch vote in referendum on Ukraine-EU association agreement

Dutch voters began casting ballots in a national referendum on Wednesday on the European Union's treaty with Ukraine -- a test of anti-EU sentiment before Britain vote on its membership of the bloc in June, Reuters reports. Dutch politicians say rejecting a