UK election

Queen’s Speech delayed as parties continue talks

The set-piece event had been due to take place on Monday 19 June. The Conservatives are negotiating with the Democratic Unionist Party to get support for their minority government after losing their Commons majority in last week's general election, according to

Theresa May to ask the Queen if Tories can form a government despite hung parliament

May is set to visit Buckingham Palace at 12.30pm to seek permission, a Downing Street spokesman has confirmed, according to Metro. With no clear winner emerging from the election, a humiliated May has signalled she will not be resigning. It is believed

UK election deals May a crushing blow, blurring Brexit talks

With no clear winner emerging from Thursday's parliamentary election, a wounded May signaled she would fight on, despite losing her majority in the House of Commons. Her Labour rival Jeremy Corbyn said she should step down, according to Reuters. With 643 out