Toyota Built Robot To Help Paralyzed Army Vet With Tasks Around Home

The Human Support Robot (HSR) has been created several years ago but remained in the lab until the team has recently decided to try it in the real world, reports with reference to Digital Trends. These robots are already used in

Toyota is Making a Flying Car to Light the 2020 Olympic Torch

According to Futurism, Toyota is throwing its hat into the flying car ring, backing the “SkyDrive” flying car, the brainchild of a startup called Cartivator. The drone-esque, 2.9 meter (9.5 foot) long SkyDrive vehicle is designed to max out at speeds of

Toyota Wants to Use Robots for Keeping Elderly Moving

Japanese automakers are looking beyond the industry trend to develop self-driving cars and turning their attention to robots to help keep the country's rapidly graying society on the move, reports with reference to U.S. News. Toyota said it saw the possibility

Top 10 cars of 2017 Detroit auto show

Car technologies of the future, presented at CES, gave way to cars, top 10 of which were selected by Extreme Tech. Faraday Future in Vegas gave way to the “all-new” (that is, new) Toyota Camry and the “new” (that is, midlife update)

Toyota recalls 1.4 million cars over faulty airbags

The cars affected are Prius and Lexus models from 2008 to 2012. The recall includes some 495,000 cars sold in North America, 743,000 in Japan as well as vehicles in Europe, China and other regions, BBC reports. Toyota and other carmakers have

Toyota created an all-wood roadster concept

Toyota Setsuna’s real time-machine capabilities come in the form of a wooden body that ages through time as well as a 100-year meter in the dashboard that ticks off every hour, day and year that has been on the planet, Mashable