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‘Lady Cynthia’ rhododendron bush puts Canada town on the map

The 25ft (7.6m) by 30ft bush in Ladysmith, British Columbia, is now in peak bloom and putting on quite a show, according to the BBC. The 115-year-old botanical wonder - known as Lady Cynthia - will carry about 4,000 spring blossoms over

US Virgin Islands are paying people to visit them this year

Tourists are being paid to visit the US Virgin Islands this year, as the region celebrates being 100 years of being part of the United States, the Independent reports. The US territory is giving visitors $300 in spending credit, which can be

Come to Ukraine – a beautiful and safe contry to visit

Ukraine is the largest country in Europe. We have a unique mixture of attractions - coast, mountains, kilometers of rivers and lakes, amazing cities and countryside. Ukraine - a beautiful and safe to visit, - said a description of the video.