The Rolling Stones

Mick Jagger Gave Up Drugs For Jerry Hall, New Memoir Reveals

Rock and Roll legend Mick Jagger was weaned off heroin according to recent reports by his then-partner Jerry Hall.  The singer is said to have quit as Hall claimed that constant use of drugs and heroine would eventually affect his boyish looks,

Kristen Stewart joyrides in new Rolling Stones video

In the clip Kristen Stewart is seen joyriding around LA in a vintage car, reports with reference to NME. Stewart says of appearing in the clip: “It didn’t take much more than a few words to get me amped on the

The Rolling Stones arrived in Havana for a free concert

Named as "The Concert for Amity," the band is set to perform tonight at the Ciudad Deportiva de La Habana, with an estimated 400,000 gests to attend, making it the largest act to play in Cuba since the revolution in 1959,