Part of engine on China Eastern Airlines jet tears away after takeoff

After the airplane landed safely back in Sydney, emergency crews found a gaping hole in the front part of the engine nacelle's structural casing, known as the nose cowl, according to CNN. The incident with the jetliner's engines is the second of

A tale of two Sydneys: Dutch teen tries to visit Australia, but ends up in Nova Scotia

When Milan Schipper was looking at flights from Amsterdam to Sydney, he found one ticket that was almost $300 cheaper than the rest. "So I thought, 'Well, let's book that one,'" the 18-year-old Dutch man said to CBS News. He was planning on

Stunning wave photo from Sydney ferry wows thousands online

Amateur photographer Haig Gilchrist had taken the picture as the ferry battled through a storm near Sydney Harbour, reports with reference to the BBC. It wowed thousands when it was posted on his Instagram account on Saturday.