Cyclone Debbie: ‘Monster’ storm batters Australia

Cyclone Debbie made landfall between Bowen and Airlie Beach in Australian Queensland as a category four storm, whipping up gusts of 263km/h (163 mph), reports with reference to the BBC. It is moving inland as a category three but could cause

US Northeast prepares for snowstorm

As much as two feet of snow was forecast for some areas Tuesday, whipped by damaging winds. States of emergency were declared in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Connecticut, according to NBC News. "We're not kidding with this. This is

Tornadoes, storms rip through US Midwest, killing at least two

A tornado struck near Ottawa, a town of about 19,000 people, 50 miles (80 km) southwest of Chicago, killing at least one person, meteorologist Amy Seeley said by telephone. She had no further details, according to CNBC. Another person was killed near

Brits Share Pictures Of Dogs Being Blown In The Wind By Storm Doris

“There’s one aspect of the 90mph (144kmph) winds and snow that we want you to enjoy,” Metro reports. “These dogs being blown by the wind. “They were taken yesterday before the storm officially arrived, but it’s part of the pre-wind Doris meted down

California flood: Hundreds rescued in San Jose as waters rise

Hundreds were rescued from their flooded homes in San Jose by crews steering boats full of people, some with babies and pets, in chest-deep water. The city had declared a local emergency Tuesday afternoon, USA Today reports. Rescuers transported at least 225

California ‘bombogenesis’, biggest storm in years, kills two

More than 100 homes have been evacuated amid fears of mud slides near Los Angeles, the BBC reports. Hundreds of flights have been delayed or cancelled at Los Angeles International Airport. The weather has also brought car-swallowing sinkholes and power cuts. One man was

At least 11 killed in severe storms and tornados across the US South

Storms sweeping through southwest Georgia overnight left 11 people dead and 23 injured, the Georgia Emergency Management Agency told Reuters. State officials did not immediately have details on the extent of the damage, noting that they were working with local authorities as

UK coastal villages evacuated amid fears of ‘life threatening’ floods

There are 78 flood warnings, 80 flood alerts and a further seven severe flood warnings in place for England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland. Thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes as heavy snow and hurricane-force winds of 80 miles per