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Love reactions triumph over hate on Facebook

Ever since Facebook introduced reactions a year ago, there's been a lingering question: which reactions rule? At last, we know... although you can probably guess the answer. According to Engadget, Facebook tells Select All that "love" dominated the 300 billion reactions from

Facebook plans to link all your social media accounts

Facebook is set to make itself a central hub for social media, Express reports. The social network giant is reportedly trialling a new feature that will allow users to link together a number of different accounts, including the likes of Instagram, Skype,

Leaving Facebook for a week can boost wellbeing: study suggests

Taking a break from Facebook can boost emotional wellbeing and life satisfaction, with the effects particularly pronounced among people who “lurk” on the social network without actively engaging with others, a study suggests, according to the Guardian. The research by the University

Received many friend requests on Facebook? Accept them and live longer

An active social life is good for your health, so if you receive a lot of friend requests on Facebook and accept them, you will live longer, reports. A study conducted by the University of California, Berkeley showed a positive impact on