New York City Architecture Studio Imagines ‘World’s Longest Skyscraper’ in Manhattan

Oiio Studio, based in New York City and Greece, has posted renderings of the building, dubbed “The Big Bend,” to its website. “What if we substituted height with length?” the tongue-in-cheek post reads. Oiio introduces the building as a reaction to the city's

Dubai Is Now Building A Rotating Skyscraper Where Every Apartment Will Spin Individually

Scheduled for a grand opening in 2020, the Dynamic Tower hotel is being planned since 2008 by Israeli-Italian architect David Fisher, reports with reference to India Times. The residents will be able to spin their apartments and control the speed of

One city in China built more skyscrapers in 2016 than US and Europe together

In total, 128 new skyscrapers were completed in 2016 in the world, 84 of them in China only, reports. In Europe, only two such buildings were built in 2016 - in Belgium and in Poland. The Warsaw Spire in the capital of Poland,

London newest skyscraper looks rude from above

The newest £800m skyscraper called Spire London is being built by Greenland Group, a Chinese firm, reports citing the UK media. The tower will be 235 meters tall, have 67 floors for businesses and private apartments. The Spire is planned to be