Sinkhole opens at Trump’s Florida retreat

The town of Palm Beach, where Mr Trump's retreat is located, tweeted a traffic alert on Monday morning about the 4ft by 4ft (1.2m) road cavity, reports with reference to the BBC. City officials tweeted that the hole had formed "directly

Sinkhole swallows two cars, killing police officer in Texas

A Bexar County Sheriff Deputy Dora Linda (Solis) Nishihara was killed and two other people were injured after their cars were swallowed by the sinkhole on Sunday, reports with reference to USA Today. The San Antonio Fire Department confirmed Monday that

Repaired sinkhole in Japan sinks again

This weekend the ground under the busy intersection in Fukuoka, Japan, subsided again for about seven centimeters, enough to stop the traffic. However, later the road has been opened again, reports. It was the second time this month that the road intersection

Giant sinkhole swallows road in Japanese city

Authorities said they are investigating the cause of the sinkhole, which could be linked to a subway construction nearby, reports. It was also reported about roads closed and traffic jams. Police advised to hundreds of residents to evacuate from the buildings near the hole.