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Shocking Video Shows Chilean Surgeons Stop Operation to Watch Football Match

Chilean authorities called for an investigation after a leaked video of surgeons of the University of Chile hospital stopping mid-operation to watch a series of penalties with the patient on the table, reports with reference to National Helm. The scandal was

Watch a car crash into roof after driver accidentally steps on accelerator

A driver in Taizhou, China, lost control of his vehicle after swerving to avoid a head-on collision. He stepped on the accelerator instead in his haste and skidded off the road, reports with reference to AsiaOne. A CCTV video shows an SUV

Shocking Video: Passenger Train Crashes Into FedEx Truck

The shocking dashboard camera video was released by North Salt Lake police department. The video shows the breathtaking moment when a Utah Transit Authority FrontRunner train crashed into a FedEx truck Saturday morning. A preliminary investigation shows the