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Selena Gomez Tops Instagram’s Highest Earners List

But how much do they really get when they post a picture that is clearly (or unclear) sponsored by a company? Celebrities’ posts on Instagram are sponsored and they receive a lot of money from them to share a picture, reports

Selena Gomez Releases New Single and Music Video for ‘Bad Liar’

Selena Gomez posted on Instagram lyrics and clips to get her fans around the world hyped up for the highly anticipated single and she definitely didn't disappoint, reports with reference to E!Online. The former Disney darling

Selena Gomez Gave Her Mom The Best Gift

According to Refinery 29, Selena Gomez, who is currently working with the fashion brand, has personalize the Coach bag for her mother, Mandy Teefey, as a gift for Mother’s Day. "As the new face of Coach, they gave me the opportunity to

Selena Gomez Chops Off Her Hair After Coachella

The pop singer chopped her hair to chin-length with lots of layers and styled the look with natural makeup and what appears to be a fuzzy white bathrobe, according to Billboard. Her post received more than 380,000 likes in the first 10

Selena Gomez Shares Sweet Pics From TV Brother’s Wedding

The 27-year-old actor tied the knot with ex-Miss Delaware, Maria Cahill, on Friday, and Selena Gomez along with the rest of the Russo family attended the soiree, according to ETOnline.  

Selena Gomez Was Originally Going to Play Hannah Baker in “13 Reasons Why”

13 Reasons Why's Netflix adaptation was originally going to look totally different. While it's almost impossible to imagine anyone but the flawless Katherine Langford playing Hannah Baker, another actress was initially slated to take on the role — Selena Gomez, according to

Selena Gomez gets very real as she admits she is getting ‘more insecure’

Selena Gomez, 24, serves as a producer on the new TV series 13 Reasons Why – which is based on the book by Jay Asher – and Selena has admitted she can see ‘so much’ of herself in the show’s character

Even Selena Gomez feels bad when she looks at Instagram

Citing fatigue with the photo and video-sharing platform, Selena Gomez says she deleted Instagram from her phone and doesn't have the password to it, reports with reference to Mashable. So who the heck is posting on her account if it's

Watch new trailer for Selena Gomez Netflix drama ’13 Reasons Why’

It is based on a popular young adult novel of the same name by Jay Asher. The plot follows a clique of 12 teenagers who gradually learn why a classmate committed suicide through clues she left before she took her own life. Gomez

Selena Gomez Supports The Weeknd at Amsterdam Concert

Selena Gomez was spotted supporting her man at his concert in Amsterdam on Friday night, sharing a pic of the show to her Instagram story, reports with reference to ET Online. The 24-year-old singer casually rested her pumps in the air