Russian Su-24

Russia pulled out almost half of war planes based in Syria – Reuters analysis

Just under half of Russia's fixed-wing strike force based in Syria has flown out of the country in the past two days, according to a Reuters calculation which suggests the Kremlin is accelerating its partial withdrawal. The precise number of planes Russia

Russia deploys Su-35S fighters to Syria after another violation of Turkey’s airspace

Russian daily edition Kommersant informed with reference to its sources in military operational command that the Russian General Staff decided to test their newest Su-35S fighter jets in combat in Syria, reports. According to unofficial information, four Su-35S, which were produced

Black box of Russian Su-24 damaged

December 21, the experts opened "black box" of Russia Su-24, shot down by the Turkish air force on November 24 near Syrian border for violation of Turkey’s air space, reports with reference to TASS. It turned out that only one of

The Kremlin is waiting for partners to examine the “black box” of downed Su-24

The Kremlin is waiting for a response from other countries to the invitation to participate in the examination of the "black box" of Russian Su-24 shot down by Turkish Air Forces. Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters that so far none

Turkish PM to Putin: What if Turkey had been bombing in Ukraine?

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu addressed to Russian President Vladimir Putin with a hypothetical question, attempting to justify the shooting down of a Russian military aircraft on November 24. Davutoğlu called on Putin to “empathize” with Turkey. He stressed that Putin would have had to take a

Russian and Turkish Foreign Ministers met for the first time after downing Su-24

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and his counterpart Mevlut Cavusoglu met for the first time after Turkey shot down Russian Su-24 bomber for violating the Turkish air space on November 24, reports with the reference to TASS. "We met with

Moscow introduced economic restrictions against Turkey

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree, imposing bans and restrictions on the economic relations with Turkey, reports with the reference to TASS. On the territory of the Russian Federation has been temporarily introduced "prohibition or restriction of foreign economic operations

Turkish TV channel published a record of radio talks of Turkish pilots of F-16 before downing Russian Su-24

The Turkish TV channel Fox published an audio record of negotiations F-16 Turkish Air Force pilots, who shot down Russian Su-24, which violated Turkish airspace. On the recording, you can hear Turkish pilot repeating in English a demand to Russian pilot to

Russia changes its strategy of action in Syria

Turkey shot down Russian Su-24 bomber in Syrian airspace. Moreover, Turkish fighter aircraft violated the Syrian-Turkish border, attacking the Russian plane. These are the conclusions of the General Staff of Russia. Thus, General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces stated that Russia

Vladimir Putin about the downed Russian Su-24: it’s a stab in the back

Today at the meeting with King of Jordan Abdullah II, Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed his gratitude for the King’s condolences for the downed Russian Su-24, shot down by Turkish Air Force, and said that this attack will have tragic consequences