Ruble drop

Russian ruble continue to decline on Monday

Monday evening, the price of Brent crude dropped below $37 a barrel and the ruble lost all achievements of 2015: previous minimum was recorded on January 30, 2015 at 71.847 rubles per dollar, reports with reference to Reuters. At 17:00 today,

Russian ruble broke the psychological mark of 70 rubles a dollar following the oil price

Today, on the Moscow Stock Exchange Russian ruble dropped below the psychological mark of 70 rubles a dollar, the euro exceeded 77 rubles, reports. The euro rose to 77.14 rubles - 1.51 rubles higher than in the previous session, the dollar rose

Russian Ruble dropped to USD and Euro on the oil prices decline

At 19:00 Moscow time the US dollar was 68.906 rubles on the Moscow stock exchange, which is 77.1 kopecks above the closing level of the previous trading session. The Euro at this point amounted to 74.77 rubles, adding 71 kopecks. The cost