Rex Tillerson

North Korea test-fires ballistic missile in defiance of world pressure

North Korea test-fired a ballistic missile on Saturday shortly after U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson warned that failure to curb Pyongyang's nuclear and ballistic missile programs could lead to "catastrophic consequences", according to Reuters. U.S. and South Korean officials said the

Exxon Mobil denied permission to resume Russian oil work

The US Treasury Department said that, after talks with Mr Trump, it would not waive trade sanctions on Russia for US firms seeking to restart work, reports with reference to the BBC. It had been reported that Exxon, the world's largest publicly

Tillerson Asks Why U.S. Taxpayers Should Care About Ukraine

“Why should U.S. taxpayers be interested in Ukraine?” Tillerson asked foreign ministers discussing Russia’s intervention there at a Group of Seven gathering Tuesday in Lucca, Italy, according to Bloomberg. French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault, who later recounted the exchange to reporters, said

Syria war: Tillerson to urge Russia to stop supporting Assad

The visit of US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to Russia comes amid tensions over last week's suspected chemical attack in Syria and US strikes on a Syrian base, reports with reference to the BBC. Russia has condemned the American strikes

North Korea issues warning as US strike group heads to Korean Peninsula

The Pentagon is sending the 97,000-ton USS Carl Vinson with an escort of a guided-missile cruiser and two destroyers following another missile test by North Korea last week. According to a statement provided to CNN by officials in Pyongyang, the "current

Reuters: North Korea has no fear of U.S. sanctions move, will pursue nuclear arms, envoy says

This includes developing a "pre-emptive first strike capability" and an inter-continental ballistic missile (ICBM), said Choe Myong Nam, deputy ambassador at the North Korean mission to the United Nations in Geneva, Reuters reports. Reuters, quoting a senior U.S. official in Washington, reported

Reuters: Tillerson plans to skip NATO meeting, visit Russia in April

Tillerson intends to miss what would have been his first meeting of the 28 NATO allies on April 5-6 in Brussels so that he can attend President Donald Trump's expected April 6-7 talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping at Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort

North Korea ‘conducts high-thrust engine test’

Leader Kim Jong-un declared the test "a new birth" for the North's rocket industry, state news agency KCNA said, according to the BBC. He said the engine would help North Korea achieve world-class satellite launch capability, it added. The development, not confirmed elsewhere,

China urged Rex Tillerson to be ‘cool-headed’ over North Korea

The situation was at a "crossroads", but must not be allowed to develop into a conflict, he said after hosting US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, reports with reference to the BBC. Mr Tillerson spoke of "dangerous levels" of tension, a

Military action on the table in North Korea: U.S. Secretary of State

Tillerson began his first Asian visit as secretary of state in Japan on Wednesday and will travel to China on Saturday with a main focus on finding a "new approach" on North Korea after what he described as two decades of failed