Emma Watson Needs Your Help: Actress Promises Reward For Her Precious Rings

Emma Watson said in a post on Facebook that she had lost three silver ring while visiting a spa in London on Sunday. The Harry Potter asks her fans for help to find her “most meaningful and special possession.” Emma explained that

German Kids Found Gold Worth 250,000 Euros, Owner Paid Them Reward

Last summer, children in Bavaria found a buried gold trove worth about 250,000 euros and brought it to the police. Half a year later the owner has reported. He hid the treasure because feared a house burglary and mistrusted banks, he said.

Russia confirmed that a bomb downed Airbus A321, announced reward for information about terrorists

Russian FSB believes that Airbus A321 crashed on the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt because of the terrorist attack, the head of the FSB Alexander Bortnikov reported it to the president Vladimir Putin, reports citing TASS. "We can clearly say that this