Look Twice: These Incredible Pictures Will Blow Your Mind

These 11 photographs seem at first sight quite clear ... until you look a second time and realizes that it is something else actually. 1. No, this is not a UFO full of aliens coming to conquer the earth

Meet the artist creating beautiful pictures of pop culture icons out of trash

When Bernard Pras sees a pile of junk he sees opportunity. An old orange? Jack Nicolson’s forehead. Strips of rubber tires? Bob Marley’s dreads. That toy pig? Mick Jagger’s chin. The French painter, photographer, and sculptor has been creating portraits out

16 World’s Best Photographs Prove That Drone Photography Is The Next Big Thing

Here 16 of the world's best aerial shots from last year's SkyPixel 2016 Photo Contest, reports with reference to India Times. These photographs beat 27,000 entries to make the cut where both professional and amateur artists submitted their work. Scroll down to

Couple makes stunning pictures of Iceland

Iceland is so beautiful, and no wonder that Adam and Martha, two Polish adventurers, fell in love with a breathtaking nature of this land. In 2014, they went for a few weeks to the island and eventually spent there six months. They took

Spectacular cloud photographed over Australia

Ilya Katsman, 22, saw the weather phenomenon from a window on a flight from Perth to Adelaide. Neil Bennett, from Australia's Bureau of Meteorology, said it was likely to be a wave cloud, according to the BBC. "It's like skimming a stone across

These spectacular pictures make you want to go on vacation right now!

Gabriel Scanu (@gabscanu) learnt how to use drones when he was 12 years old. And about a year ago he began to use for his photographs. Gabriel told about his experience in an interview with fromwhereidrone, reports. He found out

Stunning photos of biggest ‘supermoon’ since 1948

A full moon occurs when the Sun, Earth and Moon line up, but the moon is on the side of the Earth opposite to the Sun. When the full moon is at its perigee – when it is closest to Earth –