Meet Moshow, The Man Who Went Viral For Rapping About His Cat

According to Complex, the entire internet rejoiced in unison when this video of a guy rapping while giving his cat a bath went viral to the tune of 1.8 million views; a second cat-bathing freestyle clip is sitting at damn near five million

Meet the mind-blowing parrot that can talk like Matthew McConaughey

Einstein the African grey parrot turned 30 years old this week (some African greys live to be 80!). To celebrate his big day, Zoo Knoxville showed off his incredible skills and gave him some tasty treats. Check him out. His spaceship, ghost, baby

Lazy Cat Likes To Be Pulled By Remote Controlled Car – video

This fluffy cat clearly enjoys the ride. And she really couldn't care less. Watch it below:  

Cats like interacting with humans more than they like eating food, say scientists

You come back from work and there they are, ready to rub against your ankles. Sit on the sofa and they’ll be by your side purring like a vibrating hot water bottle. Go to bed and you’ll wake up with your feline

These geometric pet beds are an ideal resting spot for modern cats and dogs

This is where the three geometric pet beds, from Natural Slow’s PET HOUSE series come in, reports with reference to Contemporist. Each pet house is made from Paulownia wood, a traditional Japanese wood favored for it’s insulation, humidity control,

10 Animals That Just Melted (Our Hearts)

Bored Panda collected a list of melting animals, proving that different species just have different melting points. Some animals melt to disguise themselves, others melt involuntarily while sleeping and hamsters melt because you pet them. #1 Hamsters Melting

Who gets the dog in the divorce?

While pets have historically been treated as property in the eyes of the law, that's starting to change, reports with reference to Stuff. Earlier this year, a new law went into effect in Alaska, US, requiring courts to take an animal's well-being

Meet Hosico, Real-Life Puss In Boots

As the owners say on Bored Panda, when Hosico was little, he was so cute and funny that they decided to share his photos on Instagram. “Little by little more and more followers

These two adventurous cats like climbing, running, hitching rides and even sledding

“Dad, Mom, and I went sledding the other day. I love the cold air through my fur!” the cat says in a caption on his @WestonAndEllinore Instagram page.

People are posting pictures of their pets before and after being called ‘a good boy’

‘Who’s a good boy?’ ‘WHO’S a good boy?’ It’s the universal question of pet owners the world over, and it’s the one phrase (besides ‘Walkies’ and ‘Vet’) that animals definitely, definitely understand. Reddit users took to the site to share their own