Paris attacks

Paris attacks suspect shot and arrested in Brussels

A suspect in the Paris attacks, Salah Abdeslam, has been shot and arrested in a police raid in the Molenbeek area of Brussels after a four-month international manhunt, the Guardian reports. “We got him,” the Belgian secretary of state for asylum and

Two suspects arrested in Berlin for links to ISIS

Two people arrested in Berlin on Thursday had links to Islamic State, which may have been planning an attack in the western city of Dortmund, a German newspaper said on Friday, citing security sources, reports with the reference to Reuters. German

France paid tribute to 130 victims of terrorist attacks in Paris

French flags were hung from the windows of public buildings and homes as survivors of the most deadly attacks the country has seen since World War II. Hundreds of survivors and relatives of the dead joined political leaders for a remembrance ceremony. The

France reports that mastermind of Paris attacks was killed in raid

French authorities said they had identified the corpse of Belgian national Abdelhamid Abaaoud from fingerprints in the aftermath of Wednesday's raid, in which at least two people died including a female suicide bomber after a gun battle with police, reports

Two Air France flights from the US to Paris were diverted because of bomb threats

On Tuesday November 17, two Air France flights from the US to Paris were diverted because of bomb threats. Air France Flight 55 from Washington to France was diverted to Halifax Stanfield International Airport, an official from Air France told Global News. Air France

Police stormed Paris suburb of Saint-Denis, five people arrested

A woman was killed after activating a suicide vest. Another jihadi is dead as more than 100 police and soldiers were today involved in a gunfight with up to six suspected Paris terrorists including the mastermind behind Friday's attackes, reports with the reference to

French police seek the ninth attacker

The video reportedly shows a third figure in the car carrying the group which attacked several bars and restaurants, BBC reports. It is not clear if this ninth attacker is one of two suspected accomplices detained in Belgium or is on the

Anonymous declared war on ISIS

The international activist group Anonymous has declared “war” on ISIS, the extremist militant group that claimed responsibility for the deadly attacks in Paris on Friday night, reports with the reference to Tech Insider. Anonymous posted a video with a person wearing a

France conducted airstrikes in Syria

Islamic State has claimed responsibility for suicide bombings and shootings, which have re-ignited a row over Europe's refugee crisis and drawn calls to block a huge influx of Muslim asylum-seekers, reports with the reference to the Huffington post. "The raid ...