Mark Zuckerberg joins Ohio family for surprise dinner

Just 15 minutes before the meal, he and his wife Lisa had no idea who would be joining them. Then the news came in - it was Mark Zuckerberg, Joinfo.com reports with reference to the BBC.

Watch as high winds blow this little Ohio girl off her feet

The girl's mother, Brittany Garnder, posted the video Wednesday with Frank Sinatra's Come Fly With Me playing in the background, according to USA Today. "All I hear is 'mommm!'" Garnder wrote. "So

Valentine’s Day surprise: Student makes 1,300 valentines for high school classmates

One student at the school, who wishes to remain anonymous, made sure every student got a valentine, taping individual handwritten origami hearts to students’ lockers and stuffing staff members’ mailboxes with personal notes. Written in black permanent marker on the front of