Revolt on Turkish ship in Ukrainian sea port

"Apparently, there was a revolt and a knife fight happening. Part of the crew (mainly the Turks) cut off the power onboard the vessel and barricaded themselves inside. The vessel was adrift around the entrance to Yuzhny seaport. The dispatchers at the

Amazing: Ukrainian woman gives birth to quintuplets

A 37-year-old Odesa resident turned from a mum-of-one to a mum-of-six in just a few minutes after she gave birth to quintuplets, three boys and two girls, UA Today reports. Assisted by eight doctors and nurses Oksana Kobeletska delivered the five babies

ZAZ-Electro: Ukrainian engineers upgraded iconic Zaporozhets to electric car

A group of engineers and enthusiasts from Odesa, Ukraine, headed by Sergiy Velchev, converted the old ZAZ-966 (an old iconic model made in Zaporizhya car factory) into a modern electric vehicle, Joinfo.ua reports citing UAinfo.