military drills

U.S. concerned about surprise check of combat readiness in Russian Armed Forces

The U.S. Department of Defense has seen reports about the beginning of surprise drills by the Russian military; it hopes that Russia will meet all obligations and keep all promises in regard to arms control and confidence building agreements and thereby will

Active phase of Sea Breeze 2016 exercise starts in Odesa

This exercise is taking place as the situation in eastern Ukraine is getting worse, but the exercise is an important part of the reform in the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Ukraine's Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak said at the ceremony, Interfax-Ukraine reports. "We

U.S. – Ukrainian military exercises launch in Black sea

U.S. Navy has joint their Ukrainian counterparts to conduct a multinational operation on security in a crisis region, reports with reference to UA Today. The exercises will be conducted in Odesa and Mykolaiv regions as well as in the north-western part

Ukrainian-U.S. military exercises begin near Lviv

Rapid Trident 2016, the international military exercises involving Ukraine and the United States launched on the premises of the International Peacekeeping and Security Center, the Yavoriv Range in Lviv region, reports with reference to Interfax-Ukraine. The opening ceremony took place at

Russia vs NATO: Moscow deployed military division for drills near EU borders

On February 15-20, 2016 Russian Ministry of Defence launches military trainings of the Airborne Troops that involves 2,500 paratroopers, 300 armored, automotive and special military vehicles, reports with reference to the MoD of Russia. The drills will take place in Pskov

NATO-Ukraine military drills start in Lviv region

The U.S., Canadian and Lithuanian servicemen will oversee the drills of some 5,000 soldiers under a new program launched on November 23, near Lviv at the Yavoriv training ground. Opening ceremony was held in the Lviv region at the International Center for Peacemaking and