Hackers exploited Word flaw for months while Microsoft investigated

To understand why it is so difficult to defend computers from even moderately capable hackers, consider the case of the security flaw officially known as CVE-2017-0199. The bug was unusually dangerous but of a common genre: it was in Microsoft software, could

AI learns to write its own code by stealing from other programs

Created by researchers at Microsoft and the University of Cambridge, the system, called DeepCoder, solved basic challenges of the kind set by programming competitions. This kind of approach could make it much easier for people to build simple programs without knowing

Bill Gates Says Job Stealing Robots Need to Pay Taxes

While this plan is not yet an accepted solution, Gates has stated that we need to at the very least start talking about what we will do about job loss in this age of automation, according to Futurism. It’s possible that robots

Social media companies team up to prevent spread of extremist content online

Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter announced on Monday they are teaming up in order to prevent the spread of terrorist content online, reports. They said in the statement that they are going to create “a shared industry database of “hashes” —

Microsoft and Volvo are creating a virtual showroom to interact with customers

Microsoft and Volvo have been working on a way to incorporate what they call "mixed reality" into the process of choosing a car for about six months, says Volvo global marketing vice president Thomas Andersson. The result is a virtual showroom. Located