Shocking Video Shows Chilean Surgeons Stop Operation to Watch Football Match

Chilean authorities called for an investigation after a leaked video of surgeons of the University of Chile hospital stopping mid-operation to watch a series of penalties with the patient on the table, reports with reference to National Helm. The scandal was

These common painkillers could increase your risk of heart attacks as soon as the first week of use

Experts say there is a link between regularly taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), which are used to treat pain and inflammation, and an increased risk of heart attacks, according to BusinessInsider. Doctors should consider the "risks and benefits" before dishing out the

New CRISPR Technique Targets and Destroys Cancer’s Command Center

The past several months have been no less than astounding ones for the CRISPR gene-editing tool. In September, 2016, researchers in Germany discovered a way to use CRISPR to edit out cancer mutations. In November, Chinese researchers used CRISPR technology on a

Gluten-Free Diets May Raise Heart Disease Risk

The researchers say that gluten-free diets could pose health concerns because people who go gluten free tend to lower their intake of whole grains — an ingredient that is linked with a lower risk of heart disease, reports with reference to

Cryogenically Frozen Brains Will Be ‘Woken up’ and Transplanted in Donor Bodies Within Three Years, Neurosurgeon Claims

Professor Sergio Canavero, Director of the Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group, says some remarkable breakthroughs in medicine are on the way, reports with reference to Futurism. Four years ago, the acclaimed neurosurgeon announced his plan to complete the world’s first human head

Why ‘breathing better’ is the cure for hypertension

Learning how to regulate your breathing could be the cure for hypertension if it's caught early enough, a new study claims, according to MailOnline. Scientists say the neurons which control your breathing also control your blood pressure and, therefore, breathing deeply can

‘Exciting’ blood test spots cancer a year early

The UK team was able to scour the blood for signs of cancer while it was just a tiny cluster of cells invisible to X-ray or CT scans, according to the BBC. It should allow doctors to hit the tumour earlier and

Scientists Create Artificial Womb That Could Help Prematurely Born Babies

So far the device has only been tested on fetal lambs. A study published Tuesday involving eight animals found the device appears effective at enabling very premature fetuses to develop normally for about a month, according to NPR. "We've

Diet rich in plant protein may prevent type 2 diabetes

While plant protein may provide a protective role, meat protein was shown to increase the risk of type 2 diabetes, reports with reference to Medical News Today. More than 29 million people in the Unites States are affected by diabetes, with

Three countries get first malaria vaccine

The RTS,S vaccine trains the immune system to attack the malaria parasite, which is spread by mosquito bites. The World Health Organization (WHO) said the jab had the potential to save tens of thousands of lives, according to the BBC. But it