‘Wonder Woman’ Kicks Off With Massive $223 Million at Global Box Office

In addition to the historic $100.5 million that Warner Bros. and DC Comics’ latest lassoed in at the domestic box office, international grosses at 55 markets accounted for $122.5 million this weekend, giving the movie a global opening of $223 million, according

Miley Cyrus makes secret cameo in Guardians sequel

Miley Cyrus, 24, was suspected by avid fans to be making her Marvel Cinematic Universe debut as the voice of Mainframe, an android that first appeared in Marvel’s A-Next series in 1999. Gunn confirmed to RTÉ Entertainment that the rumours about Miley's surprise cameo are true,

Deadpool 2 to begin filming in January 2017, reportedly

According to DenOfGeek,  the sequel is set to go into production in Janyuary 2017 in Toronto, reports. The change of director may also delay things further. Junkie XL will also not provide the music for the film. "It is with a