Mars Robot Curiosity Making Decisions on Its Own

In 2012, the Curiosity rover began its slow trek across the surface of Mars, listening for commands from Earth about where to go, what to photograph, which rocks to inspect. Then last year, something interesting happened: Curiosity started making decisions on its

NASA Camera Spots Strange Crater on Mars

NASA's HiRISE instrument on Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter spotted a strange circular feature on the surface of Mars that could be the site of a past impact, reports with reference to NASA. Measuring the sizes and frequency of impact craters provides a

Mars may once have been completely underwater – scientists

The research team found evidence that a mineral found in Martian meteorites may have originally been a hydrogen-containing mineral, meaning there could have been more water on Mars at one stage, reports with reference to Telegraph. Researchers created a synthetic

Discovery of world’s oldest fossil suggests there was alien life on Mars

The fossil, which was found in Quebec, Canada, shows life on earth was thriving as far back as 4.2 billion years, hundreds of millions of years earlier than previously thought, reports with reference to Metro. This makes the prospect of life

Mars Mystery: How Could Its Surface Be Warm Enough For Liquid Water?

Ample evidence says ancient Mars was sometimes wet, with water flowing and pooling on the planet’s surface. Yet, the ancient sun was about one-third less warm and could not provide enough heat, reports with reference to NASA. A leading theory is

Mars’ moons not ‘captives’ of Red Planet – studies

The first study was conducted by researchers from the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) and Aix-Marseille University, reports with reference to the Zeenews. It ruled out the capture of asteroids and showed that the only scenario compatible with the

NASA’s Space Launch System booster passes major milestone on Journey to Mars

On June 28, the booster passed the last full-scale test before SLS’s first uncrewed test flight with NASA’s Orion spacecraft in late 2018, a key milestone on the agency’s Journey to Mars, NASA reports. “This final qualification test of the booster system

SpaceX wants to send a spaceship to Mars by 2018

The commercial spaceflight company SpaceX announced on Twitter today that it plans to send its robotic Dragon capsule to Mars as early as 2018, reports. "Red Dragons will inform the overall Mars architecture," SpaceX representatives tweeted today (April 27), referring

NASA to test a new inflatable habitat for living on Mars in the future

NASA is preparing to test on the International Space Station (ISS) a new inflatable habitat called the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM) that could eventually make its way to Mars with the astronauts of the future, the Geek reports. The BEAM will

ExoMars mission: two robotic spacecrafts to search for life on Mars

On Monday morning of March 14 the European Space Agency in partnership with the Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) started the first phase of the ExoMars mission, the Verge reports. The second ExoMars’ launch is scheduled on 2018. Today's rocket launch carries