Ukraine News Today Feb. 18, 2017: People commemorate 3rd anniversary of Maidan massacre; A volunteer killed in Donbas; “Nothing about Ukraine must be agreed without Ukraine” – President Poroshenko at Munich Security Conference

Ukraine commemorates 3rd anniversary of Maidan massacre, honors memory of Heavenly Hundred Heroes – video This weekend Ukraine honors memory of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes on the anniversary of the mass shooting of the activists of the Revolution of Dignity that took place

Ukraine news today: 6 people died of flu, shelling continues in Donbas, oligarch Kurchenko arrested in absentia

Situation in eastern Ukraine today 4th January 2017: Militants have continued shelling on positions of Ukraine’s Armed Forces in all sectors of the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) area. They fired 32 times as of 18:00 local time. One Ukrainian serviceman has been wounded in

Ukrainians mark Day of Dignity and Freedom

On November 21, 2013, people started protests against the political course of the then president Viktor Yanukovych. That day became a landmark in the modern history of Ukraine. Mass events are planned on the evening in the center of Kyiv. The police

Ukraine’s ex-President Yanukovych wants face-to-face questioning with Poroshenko, other senior officials

"An official petition was sent to the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine on Tuesday," said Vitaliy Serdiuk, lawyer for Ukraine's former president Viktor Yanukovych, UNIAN reports. According to the document, Yanukovych wants to be questioned by the Prosecutor General's Office in court

Prosecutors say public to face unpleasant surprise in Maidan killings probe

Ukraine’s Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko says that the man who helped so-called “black hundred” of police task force Berkut, who had been shooting at protesters during the revolution of Dignity, flee Kyiv and deliberately drowned their weapons to conceal evidence, was himself

Dystopian Ukraine novel, written on Facebook during protests, gets English translation

Kaharlyk by Oleh Shynkarenko, a novel that began as Facebook posts to evade censors, tells story of man whose brain is controlled by Russian army, the Guardian reports. The journalist and author began writing his vision of an alternate reality in which

Ukrainian President addressed to Ukrainians with the greetings on the Day of Dignity and Freedom

President Petro Poroshenko addressed to Ukrainians on the occasion of the 2nd anniversary on the Day of Dignity and Freedom, reports with the reference to the AP press service. President Petro Poroshenko said: “Dear compatriots! Only two years separate us from the beginning