Ukraine News Today June 26, 2017: Crimean Tatars marking National Flag Day; ‘Normandy format’ leaders to meet soon; Trial of ex-president Yanukovych adjourned until June 29

Crimean Tatars marking National Flag Day Today, on June 26, the Crimean Tatars are marking the National Flag Day. The celebration date was chosen as the first day of the second Kurultai (convention) of the Crimean Tatar people, which was held in Simferopol on

France’s Macron, Poroshenko hopeful of progress on resolving Ukraine conflict

Both Macron and Poroshenko said they expected a new "Normandy format" meeting on Ukraine - involving Germany, France, Ukraine and Russia - to be held by late June or early July, before a G20 summit due July 7-8, according to Reuters. Poroshenko

Ukraine News Today June 22, 2017: Woman wounded in militant attack on Mar’inka in Donbas; Poroshenko, Macron meeting scheduled in Paris on June 26; EU to complete ratification of association with Ukraine in a few weeks

Residential areas of Ukraine's Mar’inka in Donbas under attack again, woman wounded Residential areas of the Ukrainian-controlled town of Mar’inka in Donbas have again come under fire after Russia's hybrid military forces mounted an attack on Ukrainian army positions at about 11:00 local

Macron: Awkward Trump handshake a ‘moment of truth’

The awkward encounter saw each grip the other's hand so firmly that their knuckles turned white, according to the BBC. Mr Macron told French media he had wanted to "show he would not make small concessions, not even symbolic ones, but also

French election: Meet Brigitte Macron, the new first lady

First things first: theirs is not a common relationship. That is paraphrased from words Mr Macron himself said on the couple's wedding day: that they were "not quite common, a couple not quite normal - not that I like this adjective

Macron wins French presidency by emphatic margin: projections

Emmanuel Macron was elected president of France on Sunday with a business-friendly vision of European integration, defeating Marine Le Pen, a far-right nationalist who threatened to take France out of the European Union, early projections showed, according to Reuters. The centrist's emphatic victory, which

French presidential election: Macron favorite in opinion polls as

Opinion polls indicate they will pick Emmanuel Macron, a 39-year-old ex-economy minister who wants to bridge the left-right divide, resisting an anti-establishment tide that has seen Britons vote to leave the EU and Americans choose Donald Trump as U.S. president, reports

French election: Macron’s presidential campaign hacked

The document dump happened Friday night, less than 48 hours before the country votes in the final round of the presidential election, which pits the independent centrist Macron against the far-right Marine Le Pen, according to CNN. The files were released

Macron, Le Pen clash in French pre-election TV showdown

The two went into the debate with opinion polls showing Macron, 39, with a strong lead of 20 percentage points over the National Front's Le Pen, 48, in what is widely seen as France's most important election in decades, according to

Russian hackers ‘target’ French presidential candidate Macron

Phishing emails, malware and fake net domains were all being used as attack techniques, said Feike Hacquebord, from security company Trend Micro, according to the BBC. The attackers are believed to be part of the same group that targeted the US election. Russia