Louisiana’s Governor Declares State Of Emergency Over Disappearing Coastline

It's an effort to bring nationwide attention to the issue and speed up the federal permitting process for coastal restoration projects. "Decades of saltwater intrusion, subsidence and rising sea levels have made the Louisiana coast the nation's most rapidly deteriorating shoreline," WWNO's

‘Historic’ Louisiana flooding: Three dead and thousands rescued

The National Guard and emergency teams have used helicopters to rescue people stranded in their homes or cars. Searches are continuing for missing people, as the rain is expected to continue over the weekend, BBC reports. The heavy rainfall started on Friday where

U.S. shooting: three policemen killed in Baton Rouge

The tragedy happened nearly two weeks after the fatal police shooting of a black man there sparked nationwide protests, one of them shattered by the attack on five Dallas policemen, Reuters reports. The Baton Rouge suspect, dressed in black and armed