This New Material Is Set to Revolutionize Electronics

Researchers at the University of Minnesota have discovered a new material that could change technology as we know it. This nano-scale, thin-film material is transparent and extremely conductive, reports with reference to Futurism. Many common electronics, like smartphones and solar cells,

Russia launches ‘rugged laptops’ production

According to the report, Russia’s Ministry of Industry and Trade gave a 150 million rubles grant to T-Platforms company for a domestic ‘rugged laptop’ project. The new Russian laptop is announced to be waterproof and work at temperatures from -50 to +50

Apple shocked: Russia releases its first laptop weighing 10 kg with 1 hour battery life

Not so long ago, reported that the Russian company MCST announced the beginning of sales of its first personal computers ARM-401 Elbrus and Elbrus-4.4 servers on the basis of the Russian processor Elbrus-4C. Now the Russians made a real technological breakthrough