Kellyanne Conway

‘Saturday Night Live’ sketch asks ‘Where in the World is Kellyanne Conway?’

"SNL" cast member Sasheer Zamata, who plays the role of the magnifying glass-holding chief of "Where in the World is Kellyanne Conway?" kicks off the sketch saying, "She hasn't been seen in weeks. No one knows where she is or

Stephen Colbert ridicules Kellyanne Conway for microwave wiretapping remark

He also poked fun at "personal trainer who high fives way too hard" Paul Ryan. But he quickly transitioned from the possibility of people losing their health care to someone, in his words, "losing it": President Trump, according to USA Today. After

Behold Kal Penn’s Expert Trolling Of That Kellyanne Conway Couch Photo

The image of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway sitting on the Oval Office couch was the photo that launched a thousand memes, and now actor Kal Penn is getting in on the fun, according to Huffington Post. Conway drew fire from critics

Trump’s Aide Conway ‘counselled’ after her ‘free commercial’ for Ivanka Trump brand: White House

The endorsement, in which Kellyanne Conway told Fox News Channel viewers to “go buy Ivanka’s stuff,” appeared to violate a key ethics rule barring federal employees from using their public office to endorse products. The White House reaction was a rare acknowledgment

Trump administration Press Secretary cites Atlanta terror attack that never happened

This time, it's Press Secretary Sean Spicer. Three times in one week, Spicer alluded to a terror attack in Atlanta by someone from overseas, according to CNN. But the last high-profile terror attack in Atlanta was the Centennial Olympic Park bombing, 21

Trump senior aide invents fake ‘Bowling Green massacre’ to justify ‘Muslim ban’

Conway, who is appropriately most famous for rebranding ‘outright lies’ as ‘alternative facts’, brought up the 100% fictional terror attack when being interviewed about Trump’s travel ban imposed on seven Muslim-majority countries, reports with reference to Metro. Speaking to MSNBC’s Chris Matthews

George Orwell’s 1984 sales surge after Kellyanne Conway’s ‘alternative facts’

As of Tuesday, the book was the sixth best-selling book on Amazon. Comparisons were made with the term “newspeak” used in the 1949 novel, which was used to signal a fictional language that aims at eliminating personal thought and also “doublethink”,

Trump’s aide Kellyanne Conway gets Secret Service protection

Top President Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway has received mail with a suspicious white powder in them and has been assigned Secret Service protection, she told Fox News host Sean Hannity on Monday night, The Hill reports. "Because of what the press is

Donald Trump Will Not Release Tax Returns, White House Adviser Says

Conway's comments came in response to a petition with more than 200,000 signatures calling on Trump to release his tax returns. Any petition on the site that receives 100,000 signatures in 30 days receives a response from the White House; this

Melania Trump channels Jackie Kennedy but Conway grabs fashion headlines – Reuters

Melania Trump, 46, the White House's first former model, chose American designer Ralph Lauren's baby blue cropped jacket with cowl neckline and matching dress for the swearing-in ceremony in Washington, Reuters reports.