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Jimmy Kimmel rips United with fake ad after customer dragged off plane

According to USA Today, Jimmy Kimmel then briefed them on the incident in which a passenger on an overbooked United Airlines flight was dragged down the aisle of a plane to accommodate the company's employees. Kimmel also showed them the

St Patrick’s Day: Watch Jamie Dornan recite 41 Irish terms for being drunk for Jimmy Kimmel

The Fifty Shades star recited an impressive 41 Irish terms for being inebriated, some more familiar than others. From 'hammered' to 'three sheets to the wind' - even the Hollywood actor can't keep a straight face as he tells some of the more

Watch Matt Damon Sneaking Onto Jimmy Kimmel Live! as “Tom Brady”

Matt Damon finally made it onto Jimmy Kimmel Live!—except to do so, he had to disguise himself as Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady. Jimmy Kimmel introduced his "surprise guest" during Monday's monologue, calling Brady "the most beloved" New England Patriots player of

Jimmy Kimmel to host the Oscars 2017

The news will mark the first time ever that all four big awards shows in a row are hosted by the corresponding network’s late-night host as the shows serve as promotional tools for them. This year, Kimmel hosted the Emmys on ABC,