Retail Chain Smuggled Ancient Iraqi Clay Tablets As “Tiles”

On July 5, the US government announced a deal with Hobby Lobby on the big smuggling case. The company, which mainly sells decorative and hobby materials, will return all 5,500 "historical objects" and pay a $3million fine. The boxes with clay tablets, crafted

People hit by food poisoning in Iraq camp for the displaced near Mosul

People were said to be vomiting and suffering dehydration after an iftar meal, to break the daily Ramadan fast, according to the BBC. The Hasansham U2 camp, between Mosul and Irbil, houses people displaced by an Iraqi offensive to capture Mosul from

Trump to leave Iraq off new travel ban order – Reuters

The senior White House official said the new executive order would keep a 90-day ban on travel to the United States by citizens of six Muslim-majority nations - Iran, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen, reports with reference to Reuters. Iraq

US defense chief plays down Trump comments on seizing Iraq oil

Arriving in Baghdad on an unannounced visit Monday, the US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis had planned to assess for himself the effort by US-backed Iraqi forces to expel "Islamic State" (IS) militants from their stronghold of western Mosul, according to Deutsche

Suicide truck bomb explosion in Iraq: about 100 people killed, mostly Iranian pilgrims

Islamic State (IS), the ultra hardline Sunni militant group that considers all Shi'ites to be apostates, claimed responsibility the attack in an online statement, Reuters reports. The group is also fighting off a U.S.-backed offensive on its stronghold Mosul, in northern Iraq,

Gunmen attack Baghdad shopping centre

On Monday evening, about 20 gunmen stormed the al-Jawhara shopping centre in the mainly Shia al-Jadeda area of Baghdad, after a car bomb exploded outside, reports with reference to BBC. Security forces sealed off the area and then stormed the building,

The U.S. House of Representatives voted for refugees entry restrictions

Dozens of Democrats joined Republicans as the House passed the measure 289-137, in a rebuke to the White House. The U.S. President Barack Obama has said he will veto the legislation, reports with the reference to BBC. The bill was voted on