Russian former MP shot dead in Ukraine capital

Chief of the Kyiv office of the Ukrainian National Police department Andriy Kryshchenko announces that the man killed in Kyiv had been identified as a former Russian State Duma deputy, reports with reference to 112 Ukraine TV channel.

Trump asks US Congress to probe if Obama ordered wiretap

The White House asked the U.S. Congress on Sunday to examine whether the Obama administration abused its investigative authority during the 2016 campaign, as part of an ongoing congressional probe into Russia's influence on the election, Joinfo.comreports with reference to Reuters. The

$20million CASH found inside a bed during investigation into pyramid scheme

The cash was found Wednesday inside a Westborough apartment by investigators who had tailed a Brazilian man from New York. Cleber Rene Rizerio Rocha, 28, was charged with conspiring to commit money laundering. He could spend up to 20 years in prison

Scientists Proved It: The More Time You Spend With Your Parents, the Longer They Live

Scientists often encourage us with amazing and important discoveries. Study from the University of California, San Francisco suggests that elderly people who have companionship and feel less lonely live longer. The next time you invite your grandparents and other older relatives over, you may

Ukrainian investigators are working on four lines of inquiry into journalist murder

"We are working on four lines if inquiry: personal relations of the deceased; his professional journalistic activity; destabilization of the situation in the city of Kyiv and in the whole country due to the death of a prominent journalist; the fourth, respectively,

Ukraine’s President orders immediate probe of journalist’s death

"I ordered law enforcement agencies to immediately investigate this crime. Those responsible should be punished," Poroshenko wrote on Facebook, reports with reference to UNIAN. "A terrible tragedy in Kyiv. That's a shock - I have no other words," the president wrote.

Investigation: the murder of Boris Nemtsov has no connection with his political activity

The representative said that "in accordance with Article 277 (of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), attempt on the life of a political or public figure must be done in order to stop such activities," reports with reference to

FBI is now investigating the mass shooting in San Bernardino as “an act of terrorism”

CNN reports that FBI took the investigation of the mass shooting in San Bernardino over from the local police department The mass shooting in San Bernardino, California, is now being investigated as "an act of terrorism," according to the FBI official David