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Scientists grew beating human heart tissue on spinach leaves

Researchers have turned to lab-growing human tissue as one way of meeting the high demand for tissue and organ transplants, reports referring to CNBS News. Their experiment may solve a serious limitation facing researchers attempting to grow human organs in laboratories:

‘Biohacking Is The New Gardening’: Scientists Found A Way To Grow Human Organs On Plants

“Biohacking is the new gardening,” says Andrew Pelling, who leads the Pelling Laboratory for Biophysical Manipulation at the University of Ottawa. Pelling eschews the current vogue for genetic and chemical biological manipulation, investigating instead the ways in which cells behave when their

First viable human-pig hybrid embryo created

Scientists have created a human-pig hybrid in a study that raises the prospect of being able to grow human organs inside animals for use in transplants, reports with reference to VouxMagazine. The scientists behind the new human-pig chimeras maintain that they