Charlize Theron Visits South Africa To Support Her Charity Programme

The Atomic Blonde actress has been in South Africa for the past few days, and earlier this week she and The Daily Show host Trevor Noah paid a surprise visit to Oaklands High School in Lansdowne, Cape Town, according to Eyewitness

Scientists make cells resistant to HIV in major breakthrough against the disease

Researchers have found a way to make cells resistant to HIV, a new report reveals. In a major breakthrough, scientists have tethered HIV-fighting antibodies to immune cells, creating a cell population resistant to the virus, reports with reference to Daily

Early intervention with new treatment helps control HIV-like virus in monkeys

There are more than 25 drugs to control HIV, yet the virus remains one of the world’s biggest health problems. One of the many challenges with existing therapies is that a dormant version of the virus is always lurking in the background,

HIV vaccine therapy lets five people control virus without drugs

Five people with HIV are currently free of detectable virus – and daily drugs – thanks to a new vaccine-based therapy, Joinfo. com reports with reference to New Scientist. Although it is early days, one participant has been drug-free for seven months. Most

HIV vaccine will be tested on 600 people in 2017

The potential new vaccine will be tested on 600 people in North America, to see how well it can prevent them from getting the virus, reports with reference to Science Alert. In the phase I trials were only set up to