Wildfires Rage Across Greece, Portugal and Corsica Battle on untamed in

Greek authorities voiced suspicions that at least some of the several dozen fires that broke out on both the mainland and the island of Zakynthos over the weekend were started deliberately, according to CTV News. Over 4,000 firefighters were battling more than

Strong Earthquake Claims Two Lives in Turkey and Greece

According to Greek media, two male tourists, a 27-year-old from Sweden and a 39-year-old from Turkey, were killed when a roof collapsed at a bar on Kos. At least one hundred people were injured, three of whom severely. The region around the Turkish

Ancient Greek city discovered under a hill near Athens

The discovery was made when a Greek-British-Swedish research team of the Universities of Gothenburg and Bournemouth were examining the remains of the city on the outskirts of the village Vlochos, about five hours drive from Athens, reports. The researchers found, among other

Sun’s rays used to spark Rio Olympic Games flame

An actor performing the role of high priestess lit the torch by using the sun's rays, BBC reports. The torch will be taken by various runners on an international relay that will culminate at the opening ceremony in

France and Germany convene meeting due to default in Greece

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel set up a meeting with the leaders of factions of the Bundestag. The French President Francois Hollande called a meeting of ministers in Paris. The leading EU countries think what to do in the event of a