‘Grammar vigilante’ secretly corrects bad punctuation in the dead of night

The self-proclaimed ‘grammar vigilante’ has been secretly correcting bad punctuation on street signs and shop fronts in Bristol for the past 13 years, according to Metro. The anonymous crusader carries out his work in the dead of night using the ‘Apostrophiser’ –

An Oxford comma changed this court case completely

A group of dairy drivers argued that they deserved overtime pay for certain tasks they had completed. The company said they did not. An appeals court sided with the drivers, saying that the guidelines themselves were made too ambiguous by, you guessed

Five-year-old becomes youngest ever at US National Spelling Bee

Edith Fuller correctly spelled "jnana" to beat more than 50 contestants in the Scripps Green Country Regional Spelling Bee in Tulsa, reports with reference to the BBC. She also cracked the words Panglossian, Baedeker, nisei and Croesus. The young spelling master will

Toddler’s knowledge of grammar ‘explodes’ when they hit 24 months – study

Toddler's early grammar skills are not inherent but learned, research has found, reports with reference to Daily Mail Online. Children's ability to understand basic grammar early in language development has puzzled researchers for a long time, who were unsure if the