Watch Google I/O 2016 online

This year, Google I/O 2016 begins with a keynote. The host will be Google CEO Sundar Pichai. He and his colleagues are expected to make a number of announcements, like giving an official name to its new mobile operating system, revealing more

Striking murals turn Google data centers into pieces of art

"It may look like a giant canvas, but this is a very special place that plays a special role in the operation of the Internet, which ultimately plays a role in the lives of a lot of people and mine, too," Oli-B,

Google wins 11-year copyright battle over books

The Court said it would not hear an appeal from the Authors Guild, which claimed Google breached copyright laws by scanning books without permission, BBC reports. The technology giant began the process in 2004, so it could include extracts in a searchable

Google’s AlphaGo AI wins Go series 4-1

The final game proved to be a close one, with both sides fighting hard and going deep into overtime. AlphaGo is an AI developed by Google-owned British company DeepMind, and had already wrapped up a historic victory on Saturday by becoming the

Google’s SoliType device lets you type in the air

Countless companies are working on ways to make mobile device and wearable input more efficient. Some use prediction, others use your voice. Google’s SoliType uses radar, the Geek reports. Google’s ATAP (advanced technologies and projects) group has built a “full gesture recognition

Google developed a needle-free blood tester

Google's new device will help diabetics more easily monitor their blood glucose levels, making the procedure less painful and more automatic, reports with reference to Science Alert. The patent application reads that the device first sends an 'abrupt surge' of gas