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Panda baby at Japan zoo gets a checkup

Tokyo's Ueno Zoo said Friday the panda, born June 12, was ruled a female by examining experts, according to It's difficult to determine the gender of a panda newborn. The zoo had also been careful not to separate the baby from

Giant panda Bao Bao makes China debut

Bao Bao was born at the National Zoo in Washington three years ago, but an agreement states that all pandas on loan must be returned to China before they turn four years old, the earliest age at which they might begin breeding,

Panda Twins Debut at China Chongqing Zoo – Video

The giant panda twin cubs - one male and one female - made their debut at the Panda House at the Chongqing Zoo in southwest China on January 22nd. The cubs’ have temporary names,

Giant pandas having fun while the staff is trying to clean their house

A worker at a panda breeding facility in Szechuan, China, was trying to clean the pen of two panda cubs, but they made it near impossible for her to do her job, Mashable reports. First, one of the pandas started wrestling her

Adorable baby pandas making their first steps

These two baby giant pandas were born on October 13, 2015 in the Toronto Zoo. Now they are making their first adorable steps on camera!