Russian Gazprom offers “good” price of gas to Ukraine

As known, NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine has refused to buy Russian gas at a price proposed by Russia's energy giant Gazprom, arguing that it was not competitive, reports with reference to UNIAN. Ukraine stopped buying Russian gas in November 2015. The

Russian Gazprom warns of steep gas transit cuts via Ukraine after 2020

Russian gas transit to Europe via Ukraine will fall steeply after 2020 once state gas giant Gazprom has built a new pipeline under the Baltic Sea, Gazprom head Alexei Miller said on Thursday, Reuters reports. Ukraine has been the main transit route

Russia’s Gazprom receives Naftogaz’s letter on resumption of supplies in July 2017-March 2017

On Monday Naftogaz Ukrainy head Andriy Kobolev said that he was allowing for the possibility of buying Russian gas starting in Q3, reports with reference to Interfax-Ukraine. "Yes, really, yesterday we received an official letter from the director of Naftogaz Ukrainy

Gazprom loses $6 bln from EU reverse gas flows to Ukraine – Head of Naftogaz

"Last winter, our reverse cost Gazprom about $6 billion in lost revenue excluding court fines. How much – we'll know soon," Kobolev said, UNIAN reports. According to him, this winter was the first in the history of independent Ukraine, when the country

Ukraine’s Naftogaz claims $8.2 bln from Russian Gazprom for gas transit

“The total amount of claims on the transit contract is $ 8.2 billion", - Kobolev said, reports with reference to Forbes Ukraine. Kobolev reminded that the decision of the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission of Ukraine (NKRE) introduced the new

Gazplom plans to export gas to Ukraine or for at least three more years

Russian Gazprom plans to deliver the equivalent of as much as 41 percent of Ukraine’s demand last year through 2018, according to its non-public budget approved in December and obtained by Bloomberg News, reports. Ukrainian governent plans to abandon Russian

Russian Gazprom sais Ukraine’s fine is an attempt to put pressure and goes to court

Gazprom said in a statement that it does not conduct any business in the territory of Ukraine. The company expressed surprise at the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) put up a fine of UAH 85 bln (near $3.5 bln) for abuse

Russian Gazprom demands $2.5 bln from Ukraine for unused gas

On Tuesday, 19 January, Ukraine's Naftogaz received a bill from Gazprom for $2.5 bln for gas, which Naftogaz refused to buy in the third quarter of 2015, on the condition of "take or pay" under the contract as of 2009, which Ukraine

Ukraine will not need to buy natural gas from Russia till the end of the year

Ukrainian Minister of Energy and Coal Industry Volodymyr Demchyshyn at a press conference in Kyiv, said that currently, Ukrainian storages contain enough gas reserves. At the same time, Ukraine counts on reducing the price of gas imported from Russia in the first

Russia’s plan to build a pipeline to Turkey is at risk

Russian Gazprom has not agreed with Turkish company Botas gas prices, which put a new pipeline project at risk of delay. A six-month period to agree on prices for gas supplies between the two countries expired on Monday, reports with the