Hubble Captures Universe’s Brightest Galaxies

According to NASA, the galaxy images, magnified through a phenomenon called gravitational lensing, reveal a tangled web of misshapen objects punctuated by exotic patterns such as rings and arcs. The odd shapes are due largely to the foreground lensing galaxies' powerful

Hubble Spots Real Star Wars in Orion Nebula

The stars were battling each other in a gravitational tussle, which ended with the system breaking apart and at least three stars being ejected in different directions. The speedy, wayward stars went unnoticed for hundreds of years until, over the past few

Astronomers discover colossal ‘Super Spiral’ galaxies

Super spirals have long hidden in plain sight by mimicking the appearance of typical spiral galaxies, NASA reports. A new study using archived NASA data reveals these seemingly nearby objects are in fact distant, behemoth versions of everyday spirals. Rare, super spiral

Telescope used on Armstrong’s moon landing finds new galaxies

An Australian telescope used to broadcast live vision of man's first steps on the moon in 1969 has found hundreds of new galaxies hidden behind the Milky Way by using an innovative receiver that measures radio waves, Reuters reports. "Hundreds of new