Francois Hollande

EU summit: Poland cries blackmail over subsidies

At the end of an EU summit, she said it was unacceptable for Francois Hollande to threaten to stop funds because Poland was "not behaving properly", reports with reference to the BBC. Poland had tried but failed to stop Mr Tusk's

French President Hollande will not seek re-election in 2017

The withdrawal means the 62-year-old Socialist leader is the first president of France's fifth republic, founded in 1958, to step aside after only one term, France24 reports. "I have decided that I will not be a candidate," a stony-faced Hollande said in

Putin shuns Paris visit after France offers talks only on Syria

French officials have been grappling for ways to put new pressure on Russia after Moscow vetoed a French-drafted United Nations Security Council resolution on Syria. French officials' growing anger over a Russian-backed Syrian government onslaught against rebel-held areas of the city of

Normandy Four to meet in coming weeks

France and Germany are working to hold negotiations in the Normandy Four format in the coming weeks, President of France Francois Hollande said at the UN General Assembly meeting on Tuesday, Interfax-Ukraine reports. "We with German Chancellor Angela Merkel have taken the

France’s Hollande says real risk of escalation in Ukraine

Hollande said he and German Chancellor Angela Merkel had had contact throughout August with Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Ukrainian counterpart Petro Poroshenko, Reuters reports. "This summer, the situation has become much worse. The risks of escalation are high," Hollande told

Ukrainian President on working visit to Germany

February1, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko arrived in Berlin on a working visit to Germany. In the course of the visit the president Poroshenko will have a meeting with the Federal President Joachim Gauk and trilateral meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President