German and Dutch Supermarkets Withdraw All Eggs From Shelves

The Dutch food and product safety board (NVWA) revealed the scandal and raised the alarm this week about eggs that have been contaminated and pose a severe threat to consumers, according to Euractiv. It stressed that the level of fipronil was “so

Mediterranean Diet: New Study Finds Not Everyone Benefits From It

According to a new Italian study, the Mediterranean diet, that emphasizes eating plant-based foods, including vegetables, nuts, fruits and whole grains, in addition to fish and poultry, does not benefit everyone, the Hindustan Times reports. The results of the research showed that

9 Science-Backed Weight Loss Tips

But despite the biological roadblocks, plenty of people are successful at losing weight and keeping it off over the long term. But how? As part of its recent exploration of the new science of weight loss, TIME asked 9 weight loss

Cinnamon helps weight loss and cuts back on belly flub, study claims

Cinnamon may reverse the effects of a high-fat diet by stopping fat from settling around the belly, reports with reference to MailOnline. The spice was found to slow the fat-storing process and lessen the risk of heart damage due to eating

The new diet that’s about to be everywhere

The principle of the Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (TLC) weight loss plan is about ensuring you have the right ratio of fats in your diet to help reduce "bad" cholesterol levels, according to BodyAndSoul. The diet was initially developed by the National Institutes

Food and fashion enthusiasts alike will dig these sushi shoes

But we have, and it's all thanks to Milan-based artist and chef Yujia Hu, whose obsessively detailed sushi and onigiri shoes are truly the stuff of tiny art and tiny food lovers' dreams, according to Mashable. Please behold, for example, these extremely slick Air

This simple trick is the key to losing weight

It is safe to say that most of us know what we should (or should not) be eating - we know that fruits and vegetables are good, and we know that fried food is not so good. We know that chocolate is

What we can learn from the Scandinavian diet

Less frequently mentioned is the lifestyle factors associated with Scandinavian diets which sees countries including Sweden and Denmark ranked as some of the healthiest in the word, according to New Zealand Herald. Denmark for example reports obesity rates of just 10 per

The simple plate swap that stops overeating

Dr Brian Wansink, director of Cornell University’s Food & Brand Lab in the US, and author of Slim by Design: Mindless Eating Solutions for Everyday Life (HarperCollins) agrees that the colours of our walls, plates, settings and lighting, can influence on how

A Startup Raises $1 Million For 3D Food Printers That Make Pizzas

Initially, BeeHex wanted to develop a printer that would be able to make a variety of foods for astronauts on long missions in outer space. But the company’s cofounders– Anjan Contractor, Chintan Kanuga, Jordan French and Ben Feltner– have been adapting