Exploding cream dispenser kills French fitness blogger

Rebecca Burger's death was announced on Facebook in what her family called a "domestic accident", according to the BBC. A warning against the faulty dispensers was posted to her Instagram account, saying it had "exploded and struck Rebecca's chest, causing her death". French

Fitness apps probably make people less healthy, leading computer scientist says

Step counting apps might be not only a waste of time but a dangerous one, according to one expert, reports with reference to Independent. The fitness apps might be doing more harm than good because they don't work but force people

Google introduces Android Wear 2.0 fitness platform

Google's revamped smartwatch operating system improves upon many of the problems that plagued Android Wear watches for the past two and a half years. As Dan Graziano made a review the Google’s Android Wear 2.0 watch platform for Cnet. Here is the review: “The

Here Is Superset Workout From Jen Widerstrom That Will Tone You Up Fast

There are so many things in life that are always better together—wine and cheese, In this video, Jen Widerstrom, celebrity trainer and author of Diet Right for Your Personality Type, guides you through a series of supersets, or pairs of exercises that

Fitness trainer reveals biggest mistakes new mums make when it comes to exercise

And, according to Brittany Noonan, trainer and fitness blogger, this hurry means that loads of freshly postpartum women are screwing up their regimes and bodies, reports with reference to Metro. Brittany says that the main mistake new mums make is rushing