Finland shooting: Three women killed shot dead outside restaurant

The three victims, said to be a mayor and two journalists, were shot in a pedestrian area outside the restaurant in Imatra, Finland late last night, Metro reports. The attack occurred moments before a police patrol car arrived at the scene, officials

The U.S. to send F-15 jets to Finland

The six jets from the 173rd Fighter Wing at Kingsley Field Air National Guard Base in Oregon will fly training missions with Finnish forces as part of Operation Atlantic Resolve, which the United States initiated in 2014 to reassure NATO allies after

Da Vinci’s Bridge in Ice will be build in Finland

About 100 students and volunteers from different countries will travel to the Finnish Juuka this winter to build an ice bridge, reports with reference to Technologist. The hundred-meter long bridge will get a free span of 50 meters and is

Winter is coming – Finnish weatherman transforms into Ned Stark

Finnish weatherman takes his work very seriously. So, he transformed into Ned Stark to show the audience that the freezing weather will come to Finland in a few days.